Week 14, Tuesday: May 11

Schedule for today

  • Start reading on this week's materials! We must be closing in on the present as we're even talking about internet censorship in this week's slides!
  • If you need company and want immediate answers while you work on your writing, drop by between 2-4PM on our regular Zoom link. I'm around.
  • Some of you are sending me requests for feedback as you're modifying your papers, and I'm more than happy to oblige! Please count on appr. 24 hours turn around. If I need more time (due to being slammed with meetings, e.g Thu and Friday), I will let you know!

Tuesday Tech Tip collection

Here's an overview of all the Tuesday tech tips that went out this semester.

This is the last week of daily course announcements, so I thought I'd round up all of the tech-tips I've given out this semester. Click through and scroll down, and let me know which ones you found useful! If you have suggestions for tech tips, please email me and I will gladly incorporate them!

poster with a charcoal drawn hand reaching for a smartphone placed on top of the drawing. Text underneath says "Technology is not technology it it was invented before you were born" ~ Sir Ken Robinson
"Technology Is Not Technology" by lgb06 is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0 [Not sure I agree with the statement in that poster... You?]

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