Week 14, Friday: May 14

Last day of the semester!! Wow - we did it!! Round of applause!

There will be one more post on Monday to lay out all of the remaining work for Finals week.

From Giphy
  • I will add the posts for Week 14 to the randomizer and load it to the webpage, and then you can begin to comment on the blog posts using Hypothes.is (group HST271). That link has all the info on what to do and four blogs from the Randomizer. Comments are due on Monday night. Don't forget to collect your points in the Canvas Declaration Quiz! (linked in the assignment description)
    • There may not be as many posts as usual because a lot of people still have a free pass up their sleeve for the last week! (Great planning- hope you enjoy the extra breathing space that creates 😀  )

Friday reading recommendations

For much of the semester I've tried to link to a longer read for the weekend on Friday, so now the time has come for you to share with me your reading recommendations! You can email me, and I can build a summer reading list to share. Or maybe at the end of a course with quite a bit of reading you're just so. fed. up. with reading you can't bear the thought of books anymore and just want to hide away from anything with printed words on. That's ok! I hope you get a well-deserved break, and I'll see some of you all refreshed and ready for an exciting Fall Semester of Chinese history on campus in late August!

Stack of old books with the edge of the yellowed pages showing
"book stack" by ginnerobot is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

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