Week 9, Tuesday: April 6

Be afraid. Be very afraid: I can drive again! Be careful when you're on the road in/near Allentown! Nah, I'm a careful driver, and I only got behind the wheel again when I felt it was safe for me to do so. But it feels good to be independent again. My car, my freedom! 🚙 Next goal: running. (Or if you're as fast as me: jogging 😬 )

Schedule for today

  • Feedback on your peers' posts from week 8 is due by tonight (date adjusted to make room for Easter Monday)
  • Pitch your third Show and Tell project by tonight in the Google Chat Room
  • I aim to get your feedback on Show and Tell 2 back to you by tonight; that will help you 
  • If you need company and want immediate answers while you work on your preliminary draft, drop by between 2-4PM on our regular Zoom link. I'm around!

Tuesday Tech tip: Back up!

Make sure that you have a backup of your work! If you work in Google Docs, or in Drop Box, they keep track of you so well that you have to worry more about privacy than about losing work.

But for your Domain, and your website content you want to make sure that you have a backup. If you did not set this up when you created your WordPress website, you can do it now.

  • Just go to the Dashboard, click on "My Apps".
  • In the list you will see your site. Click on the little "wrench" icon, and scroll down. There you can select how many back-ups you want.
    • If you work on your blog a lot, we recommend at least a weekly, or even a daily back up.
  • If you want to remove any older backups, go to the top of the page, where you see the tabs "My Applications", and next to it "My Backups". You can select and then delete backups there.
    • Always leave at least one backup to restore your site. It has saved me a few times when an update to WordPress or a plugin created a serious conflict, so I could go back into the old version of the site, disable the plugin, and then update without further problems.
  • There are also some instructions in the Help documentation (with screenshots) for Bergbuilds, but you need to scroll down a bit.
  • I have created a little video (without sound) if visuals help you to find your way in the Dashboard (be patient at the start, I needed to find the right window first 😝 ) :

I hope you find this tip useful!

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