Week 9, Monday: April 5

Did the Easter bunny bring you chocolate? Did you get a chance to catch your breath on the class-free Friday? Did you enjoy the sunshine on Sunday? We're well over halfway with this semester, hang on in there! And shout for help if you feel you're not quite hanging in there. The College has plenty of services in place, and I will also do what I can to support you!

Schedule for today:

  • Virtual collective writing time on Monday: 9-11am, join me on our regular Zoom link.
    • Keep questions for the side chat or email me, I'll help you with those later.
    • "Come when you can, leave when you must"
  • You can schedule appointments for most of Tuesday! And there is the additional writing time 2-4pm, too.


Ocean fish can be big, fierce and ugly-looking creatures of the deep. But when they're wee little ones (larvae and just beyond) they're cute as a button, as you can see in the pictures in this New York Times essay.

Lionfish, before it's big - from the New York Times

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