Week 2, Wednesday: Feb. 17

Today is Wednesday of week 2, and I hope you are feeling a little bit more subtle settled (thanks, dictation) than last week, when you were all still trying to figure out how each of your courses works!

Digital learning assistants

in addition to Rachel, our dedicated DLA for HST271, you can also drop in and talk with any of the other DLAs in the Hive, or take on any of the other workshops. If you are in HST471, you may want to spruce up your website or digital presence while applying for jobs or graduate programs if your senior, and they can help you with this as well. Check out their schedule here. There are also specific workshops, including one tonight for WordPress.

Schedule for today

2-3 PM: Get Stuff Done Club: drop by with any questions you have, or just to say hi to me or other students in my courses. This is the equivalent of office hours/drop-in tutorials, your exclusive access to me. No appointment needed. Breakout rooms available, including quiet study space!

For HST271, our DLA Rachel will be available to help you with all your technical queries.

  • A quiet day, ideal to catch up on the readings for tomorrow, then we can discuss anything you like in the zoom session, and you can write about what catches your attention most in your blog post. As always all the details are on the webpage for week 2.
  • Remember that you can ask questions in multiple locations: add comments to the Google slides, post on the TypePad, post in the Google chat room, or bring them to the zoom on Thursday.
  • You should have received a message from me with feedback on your 515 report
  • Info on how to prepare for Thursday's session is on the week 2 page on the website, as always also accessible through the course canvas website – just follow the links.
    Remember you can visit the Google chat room and leave questions there as well as on the TypePad.

Activities for the Muhlenberg community

  1. Muhlenberg History Club meets 6-7 PM
  2. Black History Month event: "Examining the Intersections of Blackness & Deafness: A Conversation with Michael Agyin" - more details in this poster here, 6-7.30 PM

Fun stuff

Librarians have a wicked sense of humor, if only you give them a chance to show it! Here's a Bored Panda collection. Which is your favorite one of these thirty is your favorite? I actually have a variation of nr. 3 pinned to my office door!

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