Week 2, Thursday: Feb. 18

Today is Thursday of week 2. And it looks like Phil the Groundhog was right, we're getting more snow, more winter. Please stay, safe stay warm, and placate the tech demons, so your Internet connection will remain in place regardless of snow and ice. (I'm sure we can adjust this to the appropriate snacks for American Internet/tech demons).

green package of Taiwanese snack made of corn, named kuai kuai.
Kuai kuai snack used to bring good luck for tech devices in Taiwan. Source: sometimes foodie

If the weather interferes with your ability to join us on zoom, don't worry, and catch up later with the recording. If it interferes with my ability to host the zoom, I will let you know via Canvas & the Google chat room -- at least provided I have access through cellular data. (I have a contact in Texas and we have been rescheduling a meeting all week long already, so this is on my mind.)

Schedule for today

2-3 PM: Get Stuff Done Club: drop by with any questions you have, or just to say hi to me or other students in my courses. This is the equivalent of office hours/drop-in tutorials, your exclusive access to me. No appointment needed. Breakout rooms available, including quiet study space!

For HST271, our DLA Rachel will be available to help you with all your technical queries.

Find the link on the SECRETS page on your Canvas course - this semester there is only one link for all the meetings.

  • zoom session: 3:30 PM – 4:45 PM, link on Canvas SECRETS page
  • Read the basic set, check the slides, and bring your thoughts about the central question [revisiting last week's] (all details on the course website under Thursday, week 2). Bring all your questions, and will try to work through as many as can fit in the time frame.
  • Zoom session: 12:30 PM – 1:45 PM: link on Canvas SECRETS page
  • We will look at "reading a book without reading a book" , or speed-reading for academics. Check out how to prepare in the week 2 course webpage.

Activities for the Muhlenberg community

  • Lunar new year event, 5:30 PM: Cultural Panel: sharing stories of lunar new year at Chinese Table. Find the details at the Asian Student Association Instagram account.
  • Talk at 7:00pm: Samantha Sheppard, "Glorious Bones: Race, Sports Films, and the Public Imagination", find out more in this poster.

Procrastination and writers:

Tag yourself: which writer are you? Personally I'm a big fan of everyday 25 min., or one Pomodoro, as mentioned in Tuesday's post.

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(Image by Scott Grunow)

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