Week 13, Monday: May 3

Ok everyone, we're in the final two weeks of the semester!! We can do this!! I can SMELL the finish line. Oh hang on. No, that's some outdoor grilling in the neighborhood 😅

Schedule for today

  • Virtual collective writing time on Monday: 9-11am, join me on our regular Zoom link.
    • Keep questions for the side chat or email me, I'll help you with those later.
    • "Come when you can, leave when you must"
  • Check out the webpage for week 13 for
    • information on the end of semester research presentation
    • additional supporting materials for writing

Mini Monday

On my walks north of Tilghman, I have often wondered what the story is behind these two different locations, which are less than a mile from each other. Do the gnomes travel to visit each other? Are they safe from the virus, or do they need to stick to the same precautions as we do? If so, do they get the vaccine too? 🤔

self-described gnome meeting point, with various gnomes and fake vegetables as gnome houses, as well as a flamingo in a pool, at the base of a tree along a sidewalk
Gnome Meeting Point on Greenleaf Street
set of small pieces of furniture at the base of a tree, including a door, a bench, and a birdhouse.
Place for very small creatures, maybe gnomes as well, on Livingston St

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