Week 12, Thursday: April 29

Hope you enjoyed the nice weather yesterday with the "Breathing Day" (although I know for some of you it was just catching up on course work).

Schedule for today

2-3 PM: Get Stuff Done Club: drop by with any questions you have, or just to say hi to me or other students in my courses. This is the equivalent of office hours/drop-in tutorials, your exclusive access to me. No appointment needed. Breakout rooms available, including quiet study space!

For HST271, our DLA Rachel will be available to help you with all your technical queries.

Find the link on the SECRETS page on your Canvas course - this semester there is only one link for all the meetings.

  • Zoom session: 3:30 PM – 4:45 PM, link on Canvas SECRETS page
  • View the materials and pick your options, leave comments/questions on the slides, and bring your thoughts about the slow reopening of China and/or the situation in Taiwan (all details on the course website under Week 12).
  • Blog post for week 12  is due at midnight. Don't forget to collect your points with the Canvas quiz (declaration).
  • Zoom session: 12:30 PM – 1:45 PM: link on Canvas SECRETS page
    • We will look at how you'd like to do your end of semester presentations in the next two weeks.
    • Exercise your democratic powers and help to shape this assignment!

Fun stuff: Books...

I am already beginning to dream of the summer when I can read books that are not for course work (many of them are still about Chinese history, but not all!) What's on your dream reading list? Here's Grant Snider's categorization of books, somewhat different from mine but no less real:

Grant Snider, on twitter. And yes, I have at least twice bought the same book.

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