Week 11, Monday: April 19

While it may seem that Spring is only slow in coming, if you go by how it feels outside, I can assure you that time is flying by! We're into the final month of the semester. I'm also 3 months post-surgery and am now able to start running (or rather, at my speed: jogging) again. Just in case you thought we weren't getting anywhere, I hope these occasional glimpses of my progress give you a sense that at least something is getting better 😅

Schedule for today

  • Virtual collective writing time on Monday: 9-11am, join me on our regular Zoom link.
    • Keep questions for the side chat or email me, I'll help you with those later.
    • "Come when you can, leave when you must"

Mini Monday

Here's a cute "add one cup of bunny" to brighten up your day:

They tweet out a cute bunny pic every hour, and I am sure there are similar accounts on Instagram and TikTok. Let us know when you find them!

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