Wednesday, week 13 (Nov. 18)

Today is Wednesday of Week 13 (Nov. 18)

If I am not mistaken, many first year students and others who were on campus have started their migration back home. If you need extra time for assignments, because changes to travel plans have disrupted your work flow, give a shout! The upcoming Thanksgiving Break is a chance to catch up, but plan carefully and realistically, please!

SENIORS Please remember to register for your courses! (Oh, I'm sure you do, but just in case you forgot today in Wednesday...)

Schedule for today

Drop-in tutorials

Drop in tutorial: 1-2 pm, open to all.

  • Option 1: reserve a spot on this Google appointment page
  • Option 2: "drop in" anytime, but you may have to wait a bit in the waiting room.

Both are for a Zoom meeting, using the Green Link on your respective Canvas SECRETS pages (or find the info in your Canvas Calendar).

  • In the morning I will add the initial blog posts to the randomizer and load that to the webpage, so you can start on the Discussion Comments.Comments on due by Thursday night.
  • Optional video conference chat/check in at 11.30am. We can chat about your final project, and can do so in breakout rooms if there are multiple people: get to know each other's projects! Find the link for the meeting on the SECRETS page on Canvas or in the Canvas Calendar for the course.
  • If you're looking for additional materials, remember I added a video to show how you can find additional related sources in the Trexler Library catalogue on the  webpage for Step 3 for the final project. Check it out!
  • Keep on working on the readings. I heard you're spoilt for choice. Sorry folks, I can't help it everything seems to happen in the 80s!
  • Please get your annotations on the primary texts in by tonight.

Event: History + Education Certification program gathering

5-6 PM: informal gathering for students considering doing the Education Certification program, and majoring/minoring in history (to teach Social Studies), and those already on the track.

Email me for a link!


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