Tuesday, week 5 (Sept. 22)

Today is Tuesday (day 2) of week 5. Wait what? How is it already September 22? I type these dates and am constantly in my calendar but it doesn't always hit me that we're already a month into the semester. Aaarghghgh! Also, we're 72% through the year and I'll now try very hard to forget that.

Schedule for today

Drop-in tutorials

Drop in tutorial: 2-3 pm, open to all.

  • Option 1: reserve a spot on this Google appointment page
  • Option 2: "drop in" anytime, but you may have to wait a bit in the waiting room.

Both are for a Zoom meeting, using the Green Link on your respective Canvas SECRETS pages (or find the info in your Canvas Calendar).

  • Add your comments for your colleagues' Week 4 Reflection posts on tombs, using Hypothes.is by tonight, 11.59pm.
  • Your Initial Post for Week 5 is due at 11.59pm tonight.
  • Remember to collect your points in the Canvas declaration quizzes for both these tasks.
  • Optional video conference chat/check in at 4pm.Drop in if you're a bit unsure about the first reflection (which is a different animal from a Show and Tell project). Use the Pink Link from the SECRETS page on Canvas or follow your Canvas calendar.
  • You can now see what others did for their first Show and Tell project, and give feedback. While it's not graded, I'd like to see you be a good community member, even when there is no carrot other than the warm fuzzy glow of giving to the community, and the likelihood that others will give you feedback in future, too!
  • Optional video conference chat/check in at 1pm: useful if you miss your synchronous class sessions! "Pink Link" can be found on the SECRETS page or on the Canvas Calendar.
  • Feedback on your colleagues' posts from Week 4 is due by 11.59pm tonight. Don't forget to collect your points in the Declaration quiz on Canvas.

Additional information

Academic Resource Center

6PM tonight: Memory and Test Preparation seminar from Academic Resource Center.

Mini Tuesday

Ooops! I forgot to do Mini Monday yesterday! Here's a cute little Russian squirrel who suddenly realizes s/he should be afraid of humans. Or maybe that it's 2020 and s/he starts to ponder everything that's happened.

(But don't be mistaken by their cuteness, they are fierce omnivores. Ask me about the bird feeder incident from last week… Content warning: not for sensitive souls!)

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