Thursday, week 5 (Sept. 24)

It's Thursday (day 4) of week 5, and many of you are having big tests and exams this week and next week. Good luck, study hard (so you don't leave everything to luck!) and remember I am always prepared to see where we can work with extensions to give you some breathing space for this course.

I'm in the process of giving feedback on the Show and Tell projects from HST271, so you can prepare for the second Show and Tell. Yes, it's coming around already!

For HST137, feedback on your work so far is also coming, please be patient. As you know for yourself by now: everything online goes slower, and it's no different from the instructor's side, unfortunately.


If you are a US citizen, please check out this slide deck, which includes informative videos and links with information on voting in the upcoming elections. Dean Deegan, Dean of Academic Affairs, asked us to share this information from Berg Votes, which is a non-partisan organization on campus. Your vote matters, make sure you are registered and all set to vote safely.

Schedule for today

Drop-in tutorials

Drop in tutorial: 11am-12pm, open to all. I assume everything is going fine because I never see anybody? You can also just drop in to geek out about cool stuff you found out about Chinese history. I'm pretty sure I'll geek out alongside you!

  • Option 1: reserve a spot on this Google appointment page
  • Option 2: "drop in" anytime, but you may have to wait a bit in the waiting room.

Both are for a Zoom meeting, using the Green Link on your respective Canvas SECRETS pages (or find the info in your Canvas Calendar).

  • Get your Discussion Comments in before 11.59pm tonight, and don't forget to collect your points by filling out the Declaration Quiz on Canvas. Everything you need to know is available on that link: how to comment, and four blogs randomly loaded from our fine selection of student posts.
  • Check out the Extra Credit tasks if you feel like picking up a few points.
  • Get your Weekly Blog Post in by 11.59pm tonight, and collect your points by filling out the Declaration Quiz. Everything you need to know is at that link.
  • You can start pondering topics and formats for the second module's Show and Tell project, and pitch your project in the Cloud Lounge like last time.
  • Check out the Extra Credit tasks if you feel like picking up a few points.
  • As always you can continue the annotations of the texts and discussion with your classmates, but begin to ponder about your Weekly Blog Post, which is due on Friday.
  • Check out the Extra Credit tasks if you feel like picking up a few points.


Chinese Table

  • 5pm, on Zoom: Come and practice your Chinese or find Chinese friends!
  • All levels welcome!
  • Let me know if you'd like the Zoom link.

Dr. Miller shared the following message: "The theme of this week’s Chinese Table will be movies 电影. Regina Lau 劉麗儀 will be our co-host! Please come ready to talk about your favorite film, or maybe a movie you saw recently that you really liked or a movie that is coming out soon that you are looking forward to. If you want to share a film clip, that would be great! Please email me a link to your clip ahead of the meeting so that I can share it with everyone."

  • Future meetings:
    • September 24, October 8, October 22, November 5, November 19, and December 3

Performance: "The Trouble with My Name"

  • 7pm, Zoom. Check the PDF for the Zoom link

Javier Ávila, renowned poet, novelist, and professor of English, brings his acclaimed one-man performance about the Latinx experience to Muhlenberg College.

It's Hispanic Heritage Month!

Modern Chinese History

Prof. Thomas Mullaney of Stanford University is gearing up to start the semester and is sharing his video lecture segments online. We're running a little bit ahead of his publication schedule, but they may still be useful for review, or in HST271 for additional info in Show and Tell projects. Check out his Youtube Channel!


I've been tweeting about the wildlife (really mild life) in my backyard for a few years now under the hashtag #BackyardWildlifeCollege, but this person takes the "campus infrastructure" to a whole new level. A twitter friend alerted me to this, and I think you might enjoy!

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