Monday, week 8 (Oct. 12)

Today would have been Fall Break, but it isn't. For HST271, I have made an executive decision to push the due date for the feedback on posts from week 7 to Tuesday, so you can (if you want) pretend it's a bit of a Fall Break day. Yay!

"Herbst / Autumn" by marcostetter is licensed under CC PDM 1.0


I don't know if my plan to make this week's reading load a bit lighter actually works out, but rest assured it could have been far heavier: I had a ton more things I wanted to assign and I held myself back.

If you have feedback on the course, remember you can drop me a line anonymously at your course's typepad, look for the link in the "Where to ask questions" section in your course's weekly schedule. I'll send out a little survey soon too, if you're not yet fed up with surveys from all your other courses!

Schedule for today

  • Feedback on response posts is due on Tuesday, and the Randomizer will go up on this morning.
  • Get started on your Readings for week 8. This week we look at buildings, large or small. Two options, no shared "Basic Set", and more visual than text-heavy in the materials. I hope this is easier to digest this week!
  • Discussion remarks and feedback on your colleagues' post from last week is due TOMORROW, just for this once (Fall Break optional illusion.
  • There are no exploration packs, and only one chapter and a short primary source text from the Search for Modern China books this week in the Readings for this week, the rest is optional. I hope this gives you a bit of breathing space
  • Feedback on your colleagues' posts is due on Tuesday and the Randomizer is up and running!
  • Readings are available, and you have one basic set two options to explore a little bit about Western visitors to communist held territory before 1949.

Mules in the spotlight

Matt of HST271 has a hidden talent for social media, it turns out. Give the article a read, it's really interesting:

Maybe our humble little @berghistory account can get some advice from him how to get more followers 😬 Congrats!


You haven't seen cute until you've seen this:

Happy Monday!

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