Monday, week 5 (Sept. 21)

Today is Monday (day 1) of week 5, and we're officially in autumn now! Apple cider donuts and crisp autumn leaves are just around the corner - I hope you get a chance to enjoy some of that, even as the workload for your courses is undoubtedly increasing, and I am likely also one of the causes. It's unfortunately part of the rhythm of the semester.

Reminder: I welcome feedback, including on course work load. Teaching online is new to me and it is tricky to estimate how much time assignments or readings take in this new format. If you feel uncomfortable telling me with your name attached to it, scroll down on your "week 5" course page to "Where to ask questions", and find the link to the anonymous typepad where you can leave anonymous comments. I'll do what I can, without compromising the quality of your education!

Schedule for today

  • Feedback on response posts
    is due on Tuesday, and the Randomizer will go up on Monday morning.
  • Get started on your Readings for week 5. A basic set, and two options: one exploring daily life as gleaned from documents in a desert oasis, another is a chance to look at all the cool foreign stuff that found its way into Tang China.
  • Discussion remarks and feedback on your colleagues' post from last week is due tonight. Don't forget to collect your points in the Canvas quiz!
  • Start viewing the documentary in the basic set, which is the most important part of this week's Reading list.
HST439 Feedback on your colleagues' posts is due on Tuesday and the Randomizer is up and running!.

Activities for the 'Berg Community:

  • 5PM tonight: Memory and Test Preparation seminar from Academic Resource Center.
  • 5PM tonight:Β History Club meets to elect new officers, and to plan new activities for the semester. Email me for a link!
  • 6PM tonight: Advocating for all Black lives in the era of social media -A Conversation with the Muhlenberg Community about Inclusive Activism, Social Media, and Racism Online, Followed by Open Question & Answer SessionΒ 

Fun stuff:

I think this is a brilliant way to end a Zoom session. Can we start doing this, too please? Please?! (Also: which muppet are you? Which muppet should I be??)

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