Monday, week 4 (Sept. 14)

Today is Monday (Day 1) of the fourth week, and the weather here in Allentown is finally getting to that "perfect Fall" setting. Yet I think some of you may be worried about family or friends on the west coast, where the devastating wildfires have devastated communities, and are still burning. I've checked in with friends, who are fortunately safe. If there is anything you know I/we can do, please share. I think the hardest thing is to watch and not know what to do. Remember that counseling services from the College are available to you, even if you are a remote student.


Schedule for today

  • Feedback on response posts is due on Tuesday, and the Randomizer will go up on Monday morning.
  • Get started on your Readings for week 4. There is a Basic Set for all, and then an option to look more closely at the First Emperor's tomb and terra cotta army, or the look at early Chinese tomb (still grand, not as OTT).
  • Discussion remarks and feedback on your colleagues' post from last week is due tonight. Don't forget to collect your points in the Canvas quiz!
  • Start reading on the basic set, and pick one Explorer Pack from the Reading list for this week.
  • Feedback on your colleagues' posts is due on Tuesday and the Randomizer is up and running!
  • We are sticking a bit more together in the readings for Week 4, and I hope you enjoy the selection of primary sources.

Additional Information

Student success:

5pm: seminar on strategies for reading and note taking from The Academic Resource Center (sounds perfect for these courses!); there is a repeat tomorrow at 6pm.

This week there is a reflection assignment or option to give feedback (please! tell me what you need for your course to work!) for all of you, but this one is giving me second thoughts about agreeing to suggestions for Zoom lectures. (I'm not sure your furniture can handle this from an adult!)

(But on a positive note: the student is still plugged in and listening! We don't all process information in the same way.)

Mini Monday:

"And when you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss gazes back," as Nietschze said, but this doesn't look too bad at all!

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