Friday, week 2 (Sept. 4)

Today is the fifth day of week 2. Congratulations to all of you on campus for keeping the campus safe and open, for the second week in a row! You should be really proud of yourself for being responsible young adults, look at that Dashboard! Way to go, Mules!! Dig in!

Remember there are no Announcements on the blog on Saturday and Sunday, but I will send an email to the class when the website is updated with the materials for week 3.

HST137 Comments on were due last night, so you can start looking through them, and look through posts from your peers to gear up for the End of Week reflection , which is due on Sunday night, Sept. 6. (But you can of course submit earlier). Collect your points in the Canvas Declaration Quiz!
HST271 In the morning I will add the posts for Week 2 to the randomizer and load it to the webpage, and then you can begin to comment on the blog posts in the group HST271. Check that link for tips on how to help your peers to find concrete ways to improve their posts, and for the links to four fine blogs randomly loaded from our fine selection of student posts. These comments are due by next week Monday, but you may start working on them as soon as the randomizer is ready. Collect your points in the Canvas Declaration Quiz!
HST439 Your blog post for week 2 is due tonight. Take on board the comments and discussion from group HST439. Don't forget to collect your points in the Canvas Declaration Quiz!

Special mentions

Honorable mentions for the following blogs:

  • Andrew, in HST271, for his top-notch meme game - check out his week 2 post, which is jam-packed with hyperlinks to other useful information. Embrace the internet!
  • Anna, also in HST271, for her meticulous documentation of sources consulted in her blog post - check out her post for week 2 for an easy way to make sure you're covered against plagiarism: include page numbers to the specific points in the text you refer to.

Fridays are for Fun!

We're in the middle of the seventh lunar month, when the hungry ghosts are let out of hell according to popular East Asian religion, so I thought you might enjoy this animation movie about traditional spirits, gods and deities from China - and what happens when they become irrelevant in the modern world!

Little Door Gods (Youtube)

The cast of Little Door Gods. (Image from Goodfon)

If you'd like to read more about weird creatures from Chinese popular religion, check out the 2019 version of the textbook the students created for the course "China's Magical Creatures (and where to find them)". Click on "Contents" in the left corner to explore the chapter. (I need to edit the "2020 pandemic" version, but that may take a while!)

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