Friday, week 14 (Dec. 4)

Woohoo! Today is Friday of week 14, and the last day of classes! (It's also December 4)

Congratulations to making it this far through the semester!!

Here are some housekeeping notes in general:

  • Formal Course Evaluations (IDEA) will open up today on Canvas. These are important for me: for feedback, but also for my colleagues to evaluate me and to help them decide if I get to stay on at Muhlenberg (as "tenure track" faculty, I'm essentially on a 6 year probation period, read more about that system in this article in the Weekly)
  • Today is the last day to request a W (withdrawal) grade. You've all sank too much time and effort in the course to ask for a W at this point (for any of the courses I teach), so if you think you won't be able to finish things on time, even with extentions:
    • remember the due date for the Incomplete will be February 3 --> I will work with you through the Winter break/semester to finish up any remaining course work.
    • get in touch so we can plan and assess what the best option is. There is a good chance you can actually wrap things up on time with a good grade!
  • I will post one more Daily Course announcement next Monday, when I have my schedule sorted. I will have drop-in times available next week should you want to consult with me for finishing touches to projects. These time slots will be for early in the week.

Schedule for today

  • I've been working through projects and leaving feedback in, in order as they appeared in my RSS reader. This means you may not yet have received feedback but you will soon. Don't forget to check the page notes!
  • Many of the projects are available in the list of projects for peer review, please help your fellow students and get them in by Sunday!
  • In the morning I will add the posts for Week 14 to the randomizer and load that to the webpage, and then you can begin to comment on the blog posts using (group HST271). Feedback on four blogs, please, and don't forget to collect your points in the Canvas Declaration Quiz.
  • Your fifth Show and Tell project is due on Wednesday next week, but you can already pitch your suggestions in the Cloud Lounge discussion; especially useful if you want me to give you some pointers on where to find sources or how best to approach topics.
  • All of you are in a straight line to the finish, but please reach out if something is not clear!

Friday Short Read

As you head into finals week with writing projects due, please ponder on the fact that dishonesty in writing will come out eventually. Remember earlier this semester when posted a couple of stories about this from the Atlantic, uncovering inventing material and cheating in biblical scholarship? Here's an intereseting coda.

Recently, the Atlantic fell itself victim to a writer who did a bit more than embellishing the truth. I have the original paper copy of the article, but if you try to find the online version, you'll see the editors note that they retracted it, and why. It caused a bit of a stir in the journalism world!

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