Friday, week 13 (Nov. 20)

Today is Friday of Week 13 (Nov. 20)

I know you're all ready to dive into the class-free Thanksgiving break, so let's keep it short here at the top: well done getting this far, enjoy the break, and if necessary, feel free to reach out and/or catch up. I am around and will easily respond via email. If you need to arrange a video chat with me, I am sure we can arrange something in between the R&R I'll be doing from my (much neglected) sofa.

Daily Course Announcements will resume on Monday, Nov. 30.

You will receive via email a notification when the final week's course webpage is up with all the details on how to ride out the semester in style (because that's the plan, isn't it?)

Schedule for today

  • You can look through the posts from your peers to gear up for the End of Week reflection , which is due on Sunday night, Nov. 22. (But you can of course submit earlier). Collect your points in the Canvas Declaration Quiz!
  • In the morning I will add the posts for Week 13 to the randomizer and load that to the webpage, and then you can begin to comment on the blog posts using (group HST271). Feedback on four blogs, please, and don't forget to collect your points in the Canvas Declaration Quiz.
  • Your fourth Show and Tell project is due tonight, unless you've requested an extension, or are using the free pass (only 1 available for this grade component)
  • Blog post for week 13 is due tonight. Randomizer will go up on Saturday morning.

Weekend long read

I've bookmarked this article from "Wait, but why?" for my weekend long read: "How to pick a career (that actually fits you)". I'd be curious to hear what you think about it - and if it lines up with anything you've heard from the career center, in particular!

Fun stuff: Groundhog housemate

Very cute!

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