Finals week (Mon. Dec. 7 – Fri Dec. 11)

This is the final course announcement for this semester.

Some useful things to know for everybody in this final week:

  • As you are probably used to by now: extensions are available by request. Use them wisely: the firm and hard brick wall of a deadline is Friday Dec. 11. I need to turn grades in to the registrar on Monday Dec. 14, so I'm already kissing goodbye to the weekend. (I do that every semester, nothing new there 😅 ). Don't hit your head on the brick wall! You can request an Incomplete Grade instead.
  • Want to video chat with me about some course work? Sure! Check my availability for appointment slots (M-T-W) or make an appointment outside those times.

Schedule for the week

  • Everything you need to know is up on the course website, click through to the Assignments for Finals Week
  • Just for old times' sake, one more time: Comments on your colleagues' posts are due tonight!
  • Fifth and final Show and Tell project due on Wednesday!
  • Everything you need to know is on the course website, just click through to the list with assignments for Finals Week
  • Reflection 3 is due on Tuesday
  • Annotated bibliography is due on Wednesday

Wash your hands:

Until we have a vaccine and everybody can be safe from Covid-19, please stick to the usual precautions:

  • wash your hands (20 seconds, with soap)
  • wear a mask
  • maintain 6ft distance

Be safe, be well!

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