bookmark_borderFinals week: May 17 – May 21

Some useful things to know for everybody in this final week:

  • As you are probably used to by now: extensions are available by request. Use them wisely: the firm and hard brick wall of a deadline is Friday May 21. I need to turn grades in to the registrar on Tuesday May 25 but the Monday includes commencement, so I'm already kissing goodbye to the weekend. (I do that every semester, nothing new there 😅 ). Don't hit your head on the brick wall! You can request an Incomplete Grade instead.
  • Want to (video) chat with me about your course work? Sure! Check my Google calendar and make a 15-20 min. appointment. Please aim for 24 hrs in advance, as I will block out time for deep work (erm: grading) --> see next point.
  • I'm also around on email all week, although I may not respond immediately as I am trying to work through the grading with as much focus as possible.

Wash your hands:

Still valid, even if you are vaccinated against Covid. So many other gross things get transmitted that way too!